Our First Family Bonfire Night

Friday, November 07, 2014

On Wednesday we took the kids to their first ever Bonfire Night event. We've always watched Bonfire Night pass by without a thought. Gracie never liked loud noises and they didn't really know what it was. Now that she is at Nursery she has been learning all about Bonfire Night and other events and why they are celebrated and so kept asking us about it so we decided this year we would show her. We all wrapped up in our coats and woollies (and took our first family of five selfie!), we popped Zach in the pushchair as it was past his bedtime so he could nap on the way home and I popped Elsie in the baby carrier so she would be close to me with all the loud noises around. 

Gracie was so excited and didn't care about the loud noises. She had stolen my ear muffs so I think they muffled the sound and she watched the fireworks in amazement in her Daddy's arms. All we could hear was her wowing in excitement at them. I love these pictures I managed to capture. Zach slept through most of it but woke in the middle of the display but could see them perfectly from the pushchair and loved it too! Elsie was wide awake looking around and didn't get upset until the very last firework which was a bit loud for her so I'd say our first Bonfire Night was a great success!

It was a truly magical night!

Did you do anything special?

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  1. Aww! It looks and sounds like you had a great time! We don't really do anything for Bonfire night....We do watch the fireworks through the window....hehehe