Zach's First Trip To The Barber's

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Anyone who knows me will know just how much I love Zach's beautiful long hair! I was determined to keep it long for as long as I possibly could. Choosing to trim it myself every few months as I know how I like it. It's his rock star hair! Or it was! For months both Andy and my Dad have been teasing him and winding me up saying they would shave it all off while I'm out. Well this week I gave in. He had his first ever trip to the Barbers. I was way over emotional about taking him and was so worried it wouldn't suit him having short hair! Of course I had to go though being his first time. My god did he cry! Luckily he stayed still whilst crying so although it broke my heart watching him cry whilst chunks of his hair fell around him, he ended up with a cool new haircut and not a new hat to hide his bald head. I have to say the lady did a fab job and did his hair perfectly. He looks so grown up though and I love the style! I didn't get the best pictures of it but wanted before and after shots to show the difference!

What do you think?! Do your kids like having their hair cut?

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