The One Where We Took The Chunks For A Photoshoot!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Having a new baby so close to Christmas means that you can get away with giving all the family a framed picture of your new addition or in our case their first photo of all three of the kids together. It is a great money saving gift. We get nice photos to add to our collection and everyone else loves their new photo especially from the kids. Best of all you can get photo shoots done so cheap these days. We didn't have a big budget so we popped into our local Max Spielmann store and spent just £20 on a collection of photos and a disc containing all of the photos taken. 

The only problem is it can be difficult getting three young children to pose for a camera for pictures taken by a stranger. Zach spent most of the shoot with his arms in the air crying 'Mummy!'. Luckily we did manage to get a few super cute pictures so I thought I would share one of the best and one of the worst with you!

It was hard choosing the worst there was the one with Zach crying but I thought this second one has more comedy value when you look at Elsie's face and then Zach's! I was happy that the first picture actually has all three kids looking at the camera. I would definitely say that's a win!

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  1. that fox jumper is seriously cute!! MM has the matching dress for it!!
    love the 2 pictures you have 3 adorable kiddies!! Zach looks so dapper how he is posing! xx