Review: Fisher Price 2 in 1 Sensory Stages Bouncer

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Over the past few weeks Elsie has been testing out the Fisher Price 2 in 1 Sensory Stages bouncer. The sensory stages bouncer features a two sided activity bar with developmentally appropriate colours, music and toys for growing babies. One side of the activity bar has black and white ladybird and butterfly pictures that are really eye-catching for babies when they are first taking notice of their surroundings. It also has a mirror in the centre. The other side has brightly coloured safari animals with the lion in the centre which has flashing lights in his mane. The bright colours are great when the baby starts to become even more active and aware. We were pleasantly surprised when we discovered that when you flip the bar around it plays totally different music on each side, the black and white side plays calm, soothing sounds and the brightly coloured side plays more upbeat music. The bouncer emits calming vibrations to soothe and calm baby. So what did we think of the Fisher Price sensory stages bouncer?

First of all I have to say Elsie has been a very clingy baby and in her first few weeks she just wouldn't settle anywhere for long. It wasn't until we received the sensory stages bouncer that she could finally be settled alone. It has become the only place that she enjoys to spend time alone giving me time to spend with the older ones while she relaxes watching the lights and listening to the sounds. The past week or so Elsie has started to take more interest in what is around her and I have noticed her babbling away mainly at the ladybird picture. She loves the music it is great for sending her off to sleep. She also likes seeing the flashing lights even more so when we flip it around so she can see the safari side. She is also starting to take an interest in the toys which hang from the bar and is even reaching out for them and occasionally hitting them. 

I honestly couldn't be without the sensory stages bouncer. I definitely think it's an absolute steal as it is currently just £53.99 at Argos. A baby bouncer is a big investment and will probably be one of the most used products in those first few months so you really do want to get the right one to suit you and your baby's needs. The sensory stages bouncer is all singing all dancing and a fantastic price making it an excellent choice.

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