Halloween Hama Bead Decorations

Thursday, October 30, 2014

My kids love Hama Beads and this year we are planning a little family Halloween party. Of course you can't have a Halloween party without decorations and so we decided to make some of our own quick and easy decorations using Hama Beads. In case anyone was thinking of trying some easy Halloween crafts I thought I would share pictures of how we did them. 

Spooky Spiders

Easy but fragile, the spider would make a great hanging decoration out of reach of the kids as the legs will be easily broken! You can change the colour of the eyes, Gracie chose purple and we decided to give him some teeth to make him all the more creepy.

Creepy Cobwebs

Cobwebs are really easy to make in all different shapes and sizes. Also great to use as Halloween Coasters!

Ghoulish Ghosts

The ghosts are slightly more complicated but are really cool we made a few facing different directions and the kids love them.

Hope you like them!

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