Elsie: Six Weeks Old: The First Smile!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Elsie was six weeks old on Wednesday. Am I the only one that finds that hard to believe?! We got some great news this week, she is finally putting on a good amount of weight and when weighed on Wednesday was 9lb 9oz! Now that is huge for her after dropping so low after birth. She started at 8lb 5oz and within a week was 6lb 12oz so to finally be back above her birth weight is a huge success! I find it crazy though that at six weeks old she is still lighter than both her sister and brother were at birth. We are all definitely noticing a difference in her now though. Her cheeks are filling out and her 0-3 months clothes finally fit her nicely. I think she is definitely going to rival her siblings when it comes to being a chunky baby. 

She loves riding in her pushchair. I treated us to a beautiful Stokke Xplory last week! Finally have my dream pushchair after four whole years of swooning over it! Seems as I have to walk everywhere until we get a new bigger car I deserve to do it in style right? And doesn't she look snug?

She is so aware of what is going on around her now. She is having a good go at holding her head up for as long as possible and loves having tummy time on her play mat. I absolutely love this picture of her staring at the camera during a tummy time session.

Look at this! On Wednesday she decided to celebrate being six weeks old by giving us her first smile and I managed to capture it on camera! Look how big her smile is!

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  1. The Xploy is my favourite pushchair ever, I wish I had discovered the beauty of it earlier. Elsie is gorgeous xx

    1. I wish I had bought one a long time ago! But glad I have it while Elsie is little so plenty of time to use it still x