And then there were three

Friday, October 03, 2014

I worried whilst pregnant about how having another baby would affect the relationship between Gracie and Zach. Now they have never had a perfect relationship. They are a typical brother and sister, one minute cuddling and playing together, the next they are fighting and screaming at each other. I have to say though they are mostly good together. Seeing how Gracie adjusted to Zach arriving made me worry less about her reaction but I worried more and more about the effect it would have on Zach more than anyone. He has always been a mummy's boy and doesn't like to share!

The first week was hard on us all,bringing Elsie home at 4 days old to then have her re-admitted less than two days later. The only time I saw Gracie and Zach was visiting times, I missed the whole of Gracie's first week of school and when I finally came home I was still in pain from the section and so couldn't do much for them. 

Since Elsie has been home I've noticed a big difference in Gracie and Zach. They are amazing with her much more loving than they have ever been to each other. They are entertaining themselves more and playing nicely both together and with Elsie too. They both seem to have grown up all of a sudden and if anything I am finding having three of them to be easier than having two! I've also managed to get lots of really cute pics of them all together which I could never do with just Gracie and Zach together. I definitely think three is the perfect number for us!

If you have children, how many do you have? Do you think you would have more?

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