Mike The Knight: 'Journey to Dragon Mountain' at Warwick Castle

Thursday, September 25, 2014

We were recently asked to visit Warwick Castle for a special VIP screening of Mike The Knight's first feature length film 'Journey to Dragon Mountain'. Although Elsie was just two weeks old and only just out of hospital I just couldn't turn down the chance to take Zach to meet Mike The Knight as he is probably his biggest fan! So crazy me ventured to Warwick Castle on my own with all three little ones for the special event. 

The morning started with a meet and greet with the Warwick Castle and HIT Entertainment staff, special goody bags on arrival for the kids and some yummy jam tarts and fruit kebabs to eat before the screening. The room was full of excited children waving their Mike The Knight flags and wearing their Mike The Knight hats. I had Zach roaming around shouting 'Mike Knight, Mike Knight!'. Now the film would have to be good to keep all these kids entertained for a whole hour.

The film features the King (AKA Mike The Knights Daddy!) who tells the kingdom about a sparkly jewel stolen from Dragon Mountain by the Viking's and how when he tried to return it he had an encounter with the dragon itself who was retrieving his missing jewel. When the Viking's are then once again spotted with the jewel, Mike and the King end up on a difficult journey trying to return the jewel to Dragon Mountain in order to save the kingdom of Glendragon. Will they succeed?!

Both Gracie and Zach loved the film! Gracie even hung around after to be filmed talking about how much she loved the movie. She liked that Evie was in most of the film and she thought the Viking's were very funny. Zach was very excited that Mike The Knights Daddy was in the movie and that he looked so much like Mike. He couldn't wait to tell his Dad all about it when we got home. I liked that it had a lovely happy twist to end the film.

Photo Credit www.anewadditionblog.co.uk

Photo Credit www.anewadditionblog.co.uk

After the screening had ended the kids got to meet Mike The Knight himself! This was open to all guests of the castle for the selected weekends. Zach was a bit wary until Mike put his hand out to hold his hand and he soon grabbed it and started talking to him. In fact the kids loved him so much that they followed him to the meeting spot again later for more cuddles and chatting. The second time they even got to meet Evie too, who just happens to be Gracie's favourite character in the show.

Along with the chance to meet Mike The Knight, there were plenty of medieval style games for the children (or adults) to join in. A particular favourite of ours was the horse racing where of course all the kids wanted to be Galahad!

We spent a few hours enjoying the castle grounds afterwards, living close to the castle we have done this a few times and we think Warwick Castle is a great attraction for a family day out.

Mike The Knight 'Journey to Dragon Mountain' is available to buy now from Amazon here for just £5. Would make a perfect birthday present or stocking filler for any Mike The Knight fan!

It's not too late for you to take your family for a fun day out with Mike The Knight as he will be at Warwick Castle again this weekend (Saturday 27th September, Sunday 28th September) For information and booking tickets visit https://www.warwick-castle.com/booking/

We were invited to the VIP screening for free in order to give our thoughts on the movie but all opinions are our own.

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