Bringing Home The Baby!

Friday, September 05, 2014

We've been home a few days now. The past week has been pretty crazy! I can't quite believe my baby is over a week old already. I am so glad to have her home she's certainly worried us the first few days. 

I said in my birth announcement that I would explain more when I'm home. The reason we were kept in hospital wasn't too bad but was still worrying to us as parents. The day we were set to be discharged they found that she has a heart murmur which I'm told isn't rare but is something they would like to keep an eye on. As well as the heart murmur she suddenly started losing weight and this has been our big issue. Just 48 hours after being born she had lost 11% of her birthweight and so we had to stay until she put some back on. 

We finally arrived home Saturday afternoon and were just getting settled when Monday morning she had lost weight again and we were sent to children's A&E where she had lots of blood tests and as well as now losing 13% of her birthweight, her blood sugar levels were very low and so we ended up back in hospital again. Now I felt major guilt over her weight problems as I have been breastfeeding and as my milk still hasn't come in she wasn't getting enough. I was worried I was doing something wrong and felt like I had failed her completely. I now realise I was being silly and the staff on the children's ward were a huge help when it came to preparing a feeding routine that suits us and actually saw her putting small amounts of weight back on. It does mean that I am topping up her feeds with formula at the moment but I am hoping to stop that once I have enough milk myself for her. 

Anyway we are now home and she is putting on weight slowly. The kids absolutely adore her. She couldn't have fitted into our little family any better! She even has a name now. 

Say Hi to Elsie!

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