What's in my hospital bag?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

This time round I have known all along that I would be having a c-section. This made it much easier to pack exactly what I need. My aim this time was not to overpack like I did the last two times. So what have I packed in my hospital bag? You can see here;

For Me:
PJ's and nightie
Breastfeeding top
Nursing Bra
Breast pads
Maternity Towels
Disposable Briefs (fantastic for after a csection)
Arnicare cream for any bruising
Nipple Cream
Lip balm
Apple Juice
Snacks- cereal bars/sweets/biscuits

For Baby
Mix of sleepsuits in different sizes; one for a smaller baby, the rest up to 3 months, *TIP* take a footless suit incase you have a long baby.
3 knitted cardigans
Knitted blanket
Knitted booties
Muslin Squares
Water Wipes ( it's not easy fetching water for cotton wool after a section)
Around 12 Nappies
A dummy (just incase)

I'm using a holdall with wheels to make it easier when leaving post op. I'm bound to have forgotten something but I'm sure I have the essentials. If not I always have Andy to fetch things for me.

Did you overpack your hospital bag? What packed items did you find useful/pointless when it came to using them?

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