38 Weeks Pregnant

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Today I am 38 weeks pregnant! I didn't write an update as I had a last minute week off. Andy had the week off work so I thought it was a great opportunity for us to enjoy some time as a family of four. We managed to fit in a cinema trip, a couple of meals out, a family movie night and lots of fun and games. It was really lovely and we still managed to get a load of work done in the house. It looks like our room should be decorated just in time for baby's arrival very soon! You can see all the latest updates on our renovations on www.theforeverhousecharm.com that's if you would like to of course!

I've been feeling really nervous the last few days, knowing that our op date is coming so quick, I can't stop thinking about the operation itself and the waiting for our turn. It's a strange nervous excitement more than anything. Health wise I've been a bit all over the place. Last week I was sent to hospital after babies heartbeat was abnormally fast luckily all is fine and it turned out it was only going up while she was being really active. This week I've been having waves of nausea again and my heartburn has been horrendous. Mostly though I'm feeling ok and have been trying to keep busy with housework and the kids to pass the time. 

I packed my hospital bag! I'll write up a post this week actually showing what I've packed. I struggled to decide what was necessary and what wasn't as I always overpack! 

It's crazy to think that in a week or so I will be posting a birth announcement rather than my usual bump update. Let's see if I can fit a last one in next week!

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  1. I am 18 weeks pregnant and hope I am still as active and busy are you are later in pregnancy. I have heard horror stories of some Mums not being up to anything in their third trimester. Cant wait for the post about your hospital bag, I always over pack too!

    1. Aww thanks I think having the other two keeps me on my toes but trust me I do my fair share of sitting around and relaxing too! x