36 Weeks Pregnant

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

36 weeks pregnant! How did that come so quick?! By the end of this week my baby will be classed as 'Full Term' although I am hoping not to go into labour before my Csection date. Yes that's right, we have a date! I've decided to keep the date quiet so we can announce for ourselves when we are ready that she has arrived. This includes family, I don't want any Facebook slips so they will also have to wait and see. Of course I now have the matter of deciding what to do with Gracie and Zach on the big day. Not an easy decision when you haven't really got people to leave them with. 

I have had a strange week. I was suffering awful nausea for a whole week starting early last week but thankfully that has eased the last few days. Although I have been having lots of tightenings! I think it's just Braxton Hicks for now but eek it's scary! I'm also feeling huge bump-wise but by the looks of Twitter all my fellow bump bloggers are feeling it too. Must be one of those weeks.

I've been nesting majorly! I have done so much cleaning, sorting and decluttering this week it feels great but I keep getting the urge to just throw out, sell or give away everything I see. Might have to have a word with myself before we have nothing left. Unfortunately my decorating isn't going quite as well and I'm almost certain me and baby will spend the first few weeks sleeping in the living room unless we fix it quick!

I'm feeling a bit more organised with baby's stuff. Clothes are all washed, folded and in size order in the wardrobe. I still haven't packed my hospital bag BUT have most things ready to throw in it. I have a lovely new car seat sorted to bring her home in just need to wait for it to be delivered along with her bedside cot. 

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  1. Good luck Carly! Not long now. Can't wait to 'meet' her xx