Why you shouldn't ask your toddler to name your new baby!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Why you shouldn't ask your toddler to name your new baby...

Buzz Lightyear, Gracie, Tinkerbell, Peppa Pig, the list goes on...

These are just a few of the completely serious name suggestions thrown into the mix by my 3.5 year old. I'm all for helping the older siblings feel included in decisions to avoid them feeling left out but maybe let them help pick some clothes or name the baby's 'favourite teddy'. Do not ask them what to call the baby unless you are just making a note of their suggestions for comedy value.

I don't know what possessed me to ask Gracie her opinion on names once we knew we were expecting a girl. It was definitely optimism at its best. As soon as she suggested Buzz Lightyear or 'Gracie like me' I decided she would not be naming our chunk number three!

Since then she has been coming up with a large range of unprompted suggestions. We can be watching a film or TV programme when she will suddenly say 'Tinkerbell, can I call that our baba now?' We have a giggle about it but I do wonder what she will say when baby arrives and we tell her baby's real name!

So If you are wondering of ways to make a toddler feel included in preparation for a new arrival, do not promise to let them name them. But maybe ask them if you fancy a giggle!

Have you ever had any hilarious name suggestions from your children? I would love to hear them!

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  1. My husband was named by by his then 3 year old brother! Luckily he was a huge fan of Thomas the tank engine and his favourite character was James!

  2. ha! Oh this is brilliant. I can only imagine some of the suggestions knowing my three year old niece.