Review: Bananagrams, Pairs in Pears and Fruitominoes

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Back in May when I attended Blog On Mosi we received the Bananagrams game in our goody bag to bring home. It's a game I've heard a lot about yet had never played myself. Whilst looking through the leaflets I found that they also do games for younger children and so sent an email asking if I could try some of those with Gracie. They were lovely and sent me Fruitominoes (suitable for ages 5+ although I would personally say 3+) and Pairs in Pears (For ages 3 and up).

Typically they turned up the day after we went on holiday so we didn't get to take them with us but we did take Bananagrams and me and Andy got to play that one night while the kids were sleeping. We actually had lots of fun playing the game and trying to create words out of the letters we had. We are both competitive so playing any games is just hilarious and of course I won! I love how there are a few different games that can be played listed inside on the instructions on how to play. 

When we got home I had a poorly Gracie and she was so pleased when we picked up her parcel containing the new games. Fruitominoes is like original dominoes except they get to match up pictures of fruit rather than spots. Gracie really loved this game as she is mad on fruit and so recognised the pictures and names of the fruit making it much easier to explain how to play for her. She got the hang of the game very quickly and has had all the family playing with her whenever she finds the opportunity. I like how it makes a child really think about what they are doing and is a great way to introduce games where they need to take it in turns to play. 

The Pairs in Pears is a letter game and she isn't quite ready to play the game properly. We are still trying to teach her the alphabet and how to put letters together to make words and names. Although we haven't been able to play the more competitive word games we have been using the game as a tool in trying to teach her the alphabet and how to spell out names and basic words ready for when she starts nursery in September. Her favourite is spreading out the letters and attempting to pick out the correct letters for the names of her close family members and we are getting there! There are actually eight fun and educational activities and two competitive word games that can be played using the Pairs in Pears and the best thing is if you have a 3 year old like mine that likes to remove the instructions on how to play and promptly lose them, they are also available online here.

I love the Bananagrams range of games. It's always nice to play old fashioned games as a family which involve actually using your brain and getting you thinking. What I like best is they are packaged very small so are ideal for holidays whether in the UK or abroad. I would definitely recommend these to anyone of any age, there is literally something for anyone!

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