Nursery School Wear. Buying Our First School Uniform

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Well I'm pretty new to the whole school-wear scene. This year Gracie starts school Nursery and they have asked us to send the Nursery children in school uniform to get them used to it before Reception comes next year. With a new baby due to arrive just weeks before she starts I've had to get prepared early, I don't fancy panic buying last minute with three small children in tow. I've been looking out for the best offers as we have so much to buy and have shopped around in the hopes of finding long lasting yet affordable school clothing.

A few weeks back Marks & Spencer's had 20% back to school clothing. We got two packs of their 2 pack polo shirts for just £4 per pack and a 2 pack of skirts for just £8.

Not long before that Tesco had half price across ALL childrenswear! So I took full advantage by getting two Pinafores which were originally £5 for £2.50 each, two summer dresses which were £4 originally for £2 each and a 5 pack of knee length white socks for less than £2! I couldn't believe how much we saved.

It wasn't only supermarkets I shopped in, our local school uniform shop which sells all the school logo pieces had an offer on the PE kits. If you bought a school logo PE bag and T-shirt along with plain black shorts you pay just £10 saving a few pounds on the price of the items separately.

Of course with school shoes I've always been recommended to buy good quality at the beginning of the year as they need long lasting, hard wearing comfortable shoes. I usually use Clarks for the kids first pair of shoes but tend not to buy them regularly as they don't come cheap. However, as these will be worn everyday it's important to me that I choose the right ones. So we got Gracie measured at Clarks and she chose these lovely Daisy Meadow black leather shoes. You can see the rest of the Clarks school shoes collection here.

Now when it comes to jumpers and cardigans, my pretty amazing Nan, who used to knit all my school jumpers and cardigans as a child, has knitted Gracie two beautiful red cardigans to match the school colours meaning I don't have to worry about buying any.

 I also bought her a bargain pretty child's satchel from Cath Kidston a few months back for around £7. How cute is this?!

I think I've done pretty well, with only PE pumps and trainers left on my list to buy. Although I was a little naughty and with some of the money I saved with my bargain uniform buys I treated Gracie to some cute matching hair accessories. She is going to look so grown up in September!

Do you have any tips when it comes to buying school uniforms?

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  1. Your daughter looks so happy--so innocent.
    Some of the prices the shops sell clothing at is incredible. You couldn't make the articles for that price. Back in the 70s, I did that. I even conducted classes in my home on how to make the uniforms and shared patterns.

    1. It's lovely seeing them in a uniform for the first time. It is amazing how cheap you can get them now. How lovely I bet that made you feel very proud knowing you had made them yourself. Thanks for reading x

  2. Your little girl looks lovely. I think picking up uniform when the offers are on is a good way to get the best quality pieces, and totally agree on Clarks shoes, my little boy had a new pair in October and they lasted the whole year.


    1. Oh I hope our shoes last that long! They tend to grow out of them so quick though the first few years! Thanks for your comment x