All Bran 5 Day Challenge

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I was recently sent three boxes of new All Bran cereals, Red Berry Crunch, Chocolate Wheats and Golden Crunch. I was asked to take the All Bran 5 day challenge and to see his I felt at the end as well as sharing my thoughts on the three new flavours. 

The 5 day challenge is all about embracing our tummies and the way they look. Each of the All Bran products has digestive health benefits and All Bran claim that if you make it part of your daily routine to eat a bowl of All Bran then you should start to feel the benefits after just three days! They also say after five days you could start to feel more energised, revitalized and really good on the inside.

I have to say I am pretty good at eating breakfast regularly. It is very rare I go without and I do love my cereals but do sometimes find myself eating the kids ones sometimes for ease whilst making breakfast for the three of us rather than opting for healthier alternatives.

So the flavours... I was very happy to see the chocolate wheat as it's not often you get a chocolate option with healthy cereals. These were definitely my favourite followed closely by the red berry crunch which contained lovely pieces of dried strawberry. The golden crunch were ok but I would definitely say I'm less likely to go out and buy that flavour for myself as they were far too plain tasting for me.

As for the 5 day challenge, I can't say I felt much different especially energy-wise after the five days but I feel like that could very well be because of being pregnant. It's a shame as I could certainly do with an energy boost. I did really enjoy the cereals though and so I will try the challenge again once the baby is born and see if I feel any different.

This post is an entry for the Real Mums of All-Bran Linky Challenge, sponsored by Kelloggs

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