35 Weeks Pregnant

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I'm now 35 weeks pregnant! Almost at the end! I finally finish work this week for maternity leave and I can't wait! I am totally and utterly exhausted and baby isn't here yet. I've been trying to force myself to take it easy this week, I haven't been out apart from to go to work and have spent the rest of my time either playing in the garden with the kids or enjoying movie days with them. I've also managed to read a book on my kindle app this week, something I haven't done in months!

Oh yes and the scan. In case any of you were wondering how our emergency scan went last week, it went really well. Nothing to worry about baby is still growing perfectly fine and is measuring perfectly. The sonographer said she weighed about 5lb 6oz so far which I think is good considering she still had 5/6 weeks of growing time left! I haven't had any appointments for anything since though I do need to book in for my whooping cough injection (Yay!)

As you'll probably notice from my bump picture, my bedroom is still not close to being decorated! But next week I'll have much more time on my hands to get the work done! It WILL be done before baby arrives!

Oh and I need another kick! Guess who still hasn't started packing the hospital bag? ;)

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  1. Not long to go now! Bet you are glad to be finishing work, it will be lovely to have more time with your two before the new bundle of joy arrives! So good to hear about the scan :)