32 Weeks Pregnant

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

It's been a pretty crappy week. Since my last update I haven't felt great. My dizzy spells actually started early last week but I ignored them and put it down to tiredness. Well by Thursday I had had more than enough, whilst at work I was feeling very light headed and dizzy to the point I felt like I was going to pass out twice. I felt truly awful, not only that but when I asked if I could go home I was refused and so had to spend a whole 9 hour shift worried I was about to faint. The next day I phoned in sick and went to the doctors to try and find out why I felt so awful. I never go the doctors for me either so you know I feel bad when I actually go to get properly checked out. Well it turns out that my blood pressure is very low and gets even lower whenever I am upright with it at it's worst when I stand up. That and he said I'm visibly still suffering with the anaemia and so I am now on a double dose of iron and have to lie down and rest whenever I feel dizzy (which is not possible with a job and two toddlers!). All I can say is the next three weeks at work can hurry themselves up I am more than ready for my maternity leave now. 

I'm still not ready for baby. Being ill has stopped me from getting any of the jobs done that need doing. In my bedroom I need to get some walls plastered, some new flooring put in and have painting and papering to do. I can just see myself at 9 months pregnant, up the stepladders finally papering the walls just days before baby is born! Oh and my hospital bag! I haven't even thought about the contents of that yet! Someone needs to give my a swift kick up the backside to get things done.

On the plus side this week I've had lots of lovely positive advice re breastfeeding after writing my post the other day and I am feeling less nervous about that and even more determined to make it work. Also I have something for baby to sleep in! One less big job to tick off my list.

 I'll get there eventually, and it's only 7 weeks max until she should be here now. I know she will be worth all the stress and pain!

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  1. Oh no, sorry you've had a tough week Hun, hope you manage to get some rest! Not long now until you fishing work! Renovations can get done bit by bit do don't worry about those, and don't be climbing up any stepladders missy!!

  2. I'm sorry to hear you've had such a tough week. And I'm sorry to hear your work wouldn't let you leave early that day when you were feeling so bad, that's not good at all. I know it's impossible to rest when you've got other kids and work to worry about, but if you manage any early nights or even just 2 mins with a cup of tea then take them! I've managed to rest a bit for the first time this week and it's made me feel heaps better. What we all need is for my mum to come round and look after us all for a day and then we'd all be on top form! Thank you for linking up to #BlogBumpClub - lovely to see a new face. xx

  3. Oh I'm sorry to hear you've had such a tough week, and I can definitely relate to longing for maternity leave to start! And as for the hospital bag and the wallpaper - you've still got plenty of time (I keep telling myself that and I'm almost starting to believe it's true!)

  4. Hi Hun i went through the dizzy stage. Its truly awful and the feeling you may pass out is really horrible.

    Oh no the dreaded iron tablets thats always give me bad constiation. Not something you really want when your pregnant. Hope you start feeling better soon and the dizzyness goes away really soon.

    Hun over on my blog we do a weekly linky, wold love you to link your posts. Love reading all the pregnancy posts.

    There is a new linky every Sunday

    Hope to see you there. xxx

  5. Dizziness is the worst! I hope the extra iron helps!

    ✰Transatlantic Blonde✰

  6. You have my sympathies with the low blood pressure and dizziness. I suffer when I'm not pregnant and its worse when I am. Sorry your work wasn't more understanding! And I hope things improve for you soon x x x

  7. That's awful that you weren't allowed to go home! I also have low blood pressure (I get lots of head rushes when I'm pregnant) and can't imagine being forced to stay when you're feeling so awful. Hope you have a better week x