31 Weeks Pregnant

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

I'm now 31 weeks pregnant. Wow. Just wow. Five more weeks until we find out the date baby will actually be born. I'm feeling great overall, have had a bit of dizziness this week but nothing a bit of resting hasn't solved. It's now July and I have my maternity leave sorted so as of 31st July I don't have to go to work! (Until next year) I will still be here writing though of course! 

I have finally started on decorating our bedroom now so hopefully before she arrives we will have a lovely pretty bedroom full of all our baby bits. I spent most of this weekend decluttering and stripping walls which I usually hate doing but I think my nesting instincts are kidding me into thinking it is 'fun'. I've been washing all the baby clothes and putting them all in her wardrobe in size order. I'm so unbelievably excited at the moment it's unreal. 

Oh and I found a name I quite like! We haven't completely decided on it yet so it is a secret for now. It's a massive improvement on me wanting to call her a boys name just as I had a huge list of cute boys names! 

The movements are crazy at the moment she genuinely made Gracie jump out of her skin the other day with her scary alien like kicks when we saw her foot try and burst out the side of my belly! It was so funny. I will try and capture it on video ready for next weeks update to share with you. 

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  1. wow this is the fastest pregnancy i have ever had to be "part" off i thought it was only a while back you told us your pregnant! yeah to the name! and hey nowadays you can give your baby girl a boys name everybody is doing it nowadays can't wait to hear what you have chosen and take it easy girl. xx

    1. It has absolutely flown up until now. Although must feel more so for others as I didn't announce until quite late on!