Review: Koochi Carseat

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A few weeks back I was given a list of items to choose from to review from Asda Direct. We had been looking for a new car seat for Gracie and this Koochi Group 123 car seat seemed perfect! They agreed to send me this seat in exchange for a review. 

Delivery of the car seat was very prompt after they had ordered it. It arrived in a matter of days. It was very easy to set up and fit into the car. We actually have a Cosatto monster car seat very similar for Zach so we knew how to fit it but the instructions for the seat are very clear and easy to follow if you don't already know. This seat is perfect for the next size up from a baby car seat. The seat is only forward facing but Gracie is 3.5 so forward facing is no problem for her as she is well within the weight range of 9kg to 36kg. It has a five point harness seat restraint to ensure your child is safe and secure. The headrest is actually adjustable so you can move it lower down for younger children. It eventually converts into a high back booster for an older child.

Not only is this car seat a safe option, but it is a lovely stylish design. Gracie was very pleased that she has a nice new car seat to replace her old black, worn car seat. I like how the covers are easily removable and washable as we like to let the kids eat snacks in the car especially on long journeys and it is always great to know you can give them a nice spruce up. 

The seat is currently priced at £81 which I think is a bargain for such a good, long-lasting seat. 

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  1. It's a funky colour too! Lucky Gracie!

  2. Aww gracie looks so cute! I know if i was still that young i would look such a cool carseat :) x
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  3. that looks like a funky and comfy car seat

  4. The car seat looks very comfy and padded. And a bonus that it's washable.

  5. That looks sooooo comfy!! And good point about being about to wash the covers - Reuben's seat is an absolute state and there is nothing I can do about it, other than hand wash, and that's not going to happen ;) xx

  6. I love this car seat. It's very similar to the one Scarlett used to have x