30 Weeks Pregnant

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Today I am 30 Weeks Pregnant! Eek! Now I am panicking about getting ready. So far we have nothing for baby to sleep in (well a friend is giving me a crib but I need to find time to visit to pick it up. If only my friends lived locally!), I have no newborn suitable pushchair and biggest of all I haven't started my bedroom makeover so we can find room to fit her in with us!

Excuse the poor photo but isn't my bump getting big!
I'm feeling really healthy in myself at the moment. With only the obvious tiredness that comes with pregnancy. I was a bit burnt out Sunday and Monday after all the walking Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The kids loved Cbeebies Land Thursday and I had lots of fun at Britmums but it took me so long to recover! I had such hugely swollen feet Sunday people would have mistaken me for the Elephant Man! 

I've been remembering to take my Iron supplement everyday and have felt so much better since. I think I will carry on as long as I can as the natural energy boost is amazing. I've been getting much more done around the house and have been writing myself lots of organisational lists to help me get back on track with everything. 

I have to say I'm amazed that in just 9 weeks there will be a baby here with us. I cannot wait for baby cuddles. It is such an exciting time and I am so glad that I am really enjoying it again!

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