27 weeks Pregnant

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Well 27 weeks now. I swear the time between me writing each of these posts gets shorter and shorter! Unfortunately this week has been another bad one. I hate to moan about pregnancy and I know it will all be worth it in the end but sometimes pregnancy symptoms just plain suck! Sunday morning started off normally, up early with the little ones, doing my household jobs like washing up and cleaning the kitchen but by lunchtime I was getting horrendous pains and my heart felt awful! This was no normal heartburn or anything I had ever felt in pregnancy before. It hurt to move, it hurt to lie down, whatever I did it didn't ease. This lasted until, well this morning! After talking to friends I realised I was getting heart palpitations and they came with a lot of shortness of breath. My breathing is still an issue now, which is strange as I have never had breathing problems in the past. I've come to the conclusion though that I need to take it easy a bit and my original plans of waiting as long as possible before taking my maternity leave from my part time job are out the window. I've spoken to my manager and she is going to help me sort so I can leave as soon as possible. I'm glad my heart has eased off now as I was starting to worry about it and worrying never helps does it! Luckily my kids have been absolute angels this week for me (which definitely makes a nice change) they have been so well behaved and lovely to me, helping tidy their toys and going to bed when asked with no moaning.

I also have some great news, well for me anyway! I am finally getting a bath fitted in my bathroom (currently shower room). I have really missed being able to relax in a nice bubble bath. Whenever I had pains when pregnant with Zach, nothing eased them as much as a good soak did so I think this will be great for me. It should be done sometime in the next month! 

I think that's about it for this week. It's not been the most exciting. Here's hoping next week I can have a more positive post!

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