Guest Post: Emmy's Mummy talks Mud Pies

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Today we have another wonderful guest post. This time from Clare at Emmy's Mummy. Clare is mum to Emmy, 4 and Harry, 1 and she wants to tell us all about the fun they've been having making mud pies in the garden. What a fun idea!
Letting kids determine play!
Over the bank holiday weekend it was very warm here.  We had a family BBQ planned and if I'm honest I was completely worn out after a busy week.
BBQ's are the hubby's domain, well it is the only type of cooking he will ever do sadly.
We have recently reviewed a Step2 kitchen from Activity Toys.

The kids both love it.  It has been in my kitchen ever since however I had plans for this when the weather was finally nice enough to spend time outside.

I was planning to put it inside the kids playhouse, sadly their playhouse is too small so instead I've put it in the kitchen and turned into a mud pie station.
I filled a large flower pot up with soil and left an old water table filled with water nearby.
Found some old flower pots, plastic cups and spoons and left the children to explore.
It didn't need explaining or demonstrating, that's the joyous thing about children.

They both got stuck in and loved it. 
I won't lie, it was messy, very messy but they had so much fun.
In fact at the end of the afternoon,  Harry had not slept and not once had they fought or argued.
They played contentedly with handfuls of mud, bucketfuls of water and make everyone drinks and cakes happily all day long.
I'm keeping the kitchen in the garden for them to explore as they like, I'm thinking of filling the toy wheelbarrow full of leaves and grass cuttings next week to see what they make of that.
Do you just let kids explore and get messy?
Do remember it's only mud and there is nothing a nice hot bath won't clean - I even added the kids clothes to the bath.

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  1. Thanks for having me hunny. I hope you had a great holiday.