Gifts for a New Baby

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

You can pretty much guarantee that new parents, especially first time parents, have so much baby equipment and accessories they wouldn't be able to think of what they still need if they tried. That's where buying something personalised, sentimental or even slightly sensible comes in handy. A few suggestions for some great baby buys are: 

Personalised Gifts 

You can personalise pretty much anything these days, from bibs to clothes. Then there's the personalised gifts such as a beautiful canvas print of the new addition with his or her parents, or a commemorative plaque for baby's nursery showing their name, date and time of birth and their weight. Maybe even an item of jewellery made just for them for when they're older, or a special silver engraved piggy bank.  

Another great gift is a baby record book. Most new parents have them, but do check as they are a lovely way to record baby's first year, or in some cases first few years. Everything from baby's date of birth, first lock of hair, first words, favourite foods, details of their favourite toys, their birthday parties and their first friends can go in there to create a really personalised and detailed record of their young life. A wonderful present for any new parents. 

Sentimental Gifts 

Perhaps you have a family heirloom to pass on to the baby. Or maybe you want to start a new tradition and give the little one an item that can be passed down through his or her family. A beautiful soft baby blanket is a great gift to start such a tradition with because it can be used for both boys and girls. Baby blankets can also be used again and again without much wear and tear, unlike clothing which tends to wear out more.  

Sensible Gifts 

Some of the best baby gifts ever given are ones from other parents who know what it's like to be a new parent and instantly seem to know what will come in useful and what won't. A basket full of nappies, nappy cream, baby shampoo, baby bath, cotton wool balls, wipes, baby vests, muslins and a tub of baby milk if mum has decided not to breastfeed, is something that will always be appreciated. The basket can even double for storage in the baby's room once everything has been used.  

Another great gift of course is baby clothes. Although not tiny baby clothes because everyone buys baby clothes in newborn or 0 – 3 month sizes and, lets face it, babies don't stay tiny for very long. Consider buying clothes for a bit later on. With clothing in shops for the next season a few months in advance it will be easy to buy some lovely baby clothes perfectly suited for a few months down the line. There's nothing worse than receiving a beautiful outfit for your baby to find they already weigh too much to fit into it or they'll grow out of it before it's warm enough to wear it.  

Buying for a new baby is such a joy. By making sure we take into consideration what the new parents are likely to already have at home we can easily save duplicating or buying something beautiful that will never be used.  

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