26 Weeks Pregnant

Thursday, May 29, 2014

I am now 26 weeks pregnant. Just 13 weeks to go! After seeing the midwife last Wednesday I now know what is causing me so much pain and understand why it seems to come in a pattern. When I work on a Thursday I spend 7.5 hours of my 9 hour shift sitting on a computer chair. The position it puts me in makes the baby move around to a position that is very uncomfortable for me and causes me pain. As soon as the midwife suggested it, it made perfect sense. Thursday is my longest working day and after five hours I'm in agony. I then go home in pain and end up in bed early curled up with my pregnancy pillow ready for my next shift early Friday morning. 

My midwife was slightly concerned about my sugar levels, luckily I was already booked in for a GTT ( Glucose Tolerance Test) thanks to my tendency to have huge babies, which is next week as she thinks I could possibly have gestational diabetes (just as I have a few symptoms which could be indicators) She has also booked me a growth scan as my consultants decided not to see me through this pregnancy or do any tests to see how big baby will be. I have to say I have a pretty awesome midwife who really goes out of her way to make sure everything is ok. Will be nice to see baby again and I am curious to see what size she is measuring so far.

The kids have been really cute this week. They are noticing my growing bump and although I know Gracie understands what is happening and has been excited for a while, Zach seems to be learning too. He is calling my belly 'Baba' and keeps pulling my top up and kissing and gently striking my belly. He can be so cute when he wants to be and I think he will be an amazing big brother!

I'm getting really excited now. Since sorting through the spare wardrobe ready for baby stuff at the beginning of the week, I've been adding quite a few little bits to her wardrobe and treated her to some new clothes in the Tesco sale the other day. The baby stash is certainly building up. I will have to do a stash post soon and show you what I've got so far and what I'm excited to use!

I'm getting more and more nervous about not having the big things ready yet though! I still need a cot and a pushchair, because every new baby needs a new pushchair...right?! Oh and not forgetting the small issue of needing a car big enough for three car seats!! 

Suddenly 13 weeks seems so close!

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