#TheOuttakes A Happy Smiley Gracie.. Not!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

This week I have another photo for Mama Geeks 'The Outtakes' linky. 

This photo is of Gracie trying on a lovely dress and headband we were sent for her to review. She loved the parcel and was trying it on so I thought I'd take a quick snap. Gracie had other ideas, she didn't want her photo taken for once and so pulled this happy smiley face especially. Usually I would delete a photo like this but thought it would make a fab outtake photo!

I'm linking with Mama Geek's 'The Outtakes' linky you can join in or have a laugh at the other entries by clicking the badge below.

the outtakes

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  1. Haha! She doesn't look impressed. We have this problem with Georgie sometimes - she loves something we're reviewing but suddenly hates the idea of having a photo of herself with it! Streaming tears or a grumpy face don't make for a good photo!

    Thanks for joining in with #theouttakes :-D

  2. haha what a lovely photo, she sounds just like me as a child! the dress and headband look really pretty on her too :)

  3. That's a very sweet dress. Sometimes the outtakes are the best photos as they capture a very "true" moment.

  4. Kids do get sick of photos in the end, don't they? (annoyingly for blogging parents!)
    Love your wallpaper.

  5. Harry gets a bit fed up of posing for photos too, I am trying t think of new ways to get pictures of him for the blog!

  6. My children can be just the same sometimes, especially my son. Great photo

  7. So funny! My kids hate having their photos taken, I have plenty like this.