22 Weeks Pregnant

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It's that time of the week again and it's been a pretty uneventful week! Apart from realising whilst at BlogCamp with Tots 100 this weekend that I am in fact smaller than I feel! After feeling huge leading up to it, I felt much better leaving BlogCamp seeing people a few weeks behind me with much bigger bumps and people being shocked when they found out I was almost 22 weeks. You can see my little bump below!

I've been feeling very 'normal' this week. Apart from small bursts of heartburn and a massive increase in movements from little miss, I have felt more energetic and motivated than I have in months. I'm managing to sleep again and my headaches have gone. If the rest of my pregnancy carries on like this I will be a very happy lady!

Being my third pregnancy and another planned c-section I am finding I am being left to it this time. There is much longer between appointments. In the whole pregnancy I've been given just two consultant appointments and only a few routine midwife appointments. This is giving me much more time to just enjoy my pregnancy and not run around with two kids in tow trying to get to appointments on time. Of all my pregnancies this is feeling the most relaxed, I just wish the time would slow down a bit! They do say time flys when you're having fun.

This weekend I will be travelling to Manchester for a blog event and will be celebrating the bank holiday with my family on Monday so will hopefully have more to talk about next week!

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