19 Weeks Pregnant

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Today I am 19 weeks pregnant and this past week has been what can only be described as a mixed bag. The first half was mainly spent at work so I'll miss out that bit.

On Sunday I felt babies first big kicks. Andy was at football and I was watching a movie with the little ones and whilst lying on the sofa I suddenly started feeling those amazing first movements. It is amazing that after two babies I still felt like I'd never felt it before! A truly magical moment.

On Monday I had a hair cut. Not a normal hair cut but just around 10 or so inches off! I figured it'll be easier to manage and get dried the shorter it is. I guess only time will tell. I also had thoughts about dairy intolerance in pregnancy. Whenever I have anything with fresh milk in, from cereals to a cup of tea, I get awful stomach cramps and I discovered it is a possibility it's an intolerance to dairy. Another thing to add to my long list of moans for the midwife!
Yesterday was my birthday. As birthdays go it wasn't the best. But then I'm not a big fan of birthdays. We went out shopping to a designer village where I felt I was 'too fat' to even walk in many shops and those that I did go in the dresses reduced to just £300 ish were most definitely out of my price range. Then on our first child free night in over 15 months I had awful back pains and had to leave the cinema before we were even half way through the film I was excited to see after an attack of sickness. I also didn't get Birthday cake. Yes a pregnant lady without cake on her birthday is tragic. 

Today is all about decluttering the house in aid of getting it ready for when baby comes. I actually have a few days to get as much done as possible and today is when it starts! I also have a Midwife appointment today a slightly late 17 week appointment! Crazy that I still know so little about pregnancy when I should be a pro by now. I still have long lists of questions whenever I see my midwife.

One thing I can say about this week is my insomnia is slightly easing meaning I'm getting a bit more sleep than the last few weeks. I'm definitely starting to enjoy this pregnancy a lot more now and can't believe I'm almost half way through already. 

Next week we have our 20 week scan to find out if baby is healthy and maybe even the sex too!

Did you find out the sex of your baby during pregnancy?

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