What I would love this Mother's Day

Sunday, March 23, 2014

After seeing lots of gift guides for Mother's Day it had me thinking about what I would love for Mother's Day. After all it is only a week away! Whilst thinking about it I realised that what I would like most would be a nice day out with Andy and the kids. 

Some of my favourite past Mother's Day presents have been my home made cards they have made me and my Pandora charms for my bracelet. I love anything like that which I can keep and treasure forever.

This year I would love to drive out to somewhere a bit different like Stratford, which is quite close to us, or to visit somewhere fun like the Zoo and spend a day having fun and making memories with my little ones. Of course that day out would also have to include cake and treats for us all!

Now I would love to know... what would your perfect Mother's Day be?

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  1. The perfect mother's day starts with breakfast in bed and ends with champagne. anything in the middle is just fuN!

  2. my favourite is homemade cards they are so cute!

  3. my perfect mother's day would be one where I actually get the day off from cooking n cleaning n just get to enjoy a day with my family without thinking what I need to get done next x

  4. My perfect day is breakfast in bed followed by a day a the coast. This year we are going to Whitby. X