Potty Training: outdoors and night training

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Gracie has been using a potty for a while now. In fact I wrote a post about potty training a while back. You can read it HERE. Now potty training wasn't as hard as we expected, once we started it just clicked but I have been thinking for a while about training outside of the house and at night time. Although many family members have tried to tell her she needs to wear pants all the time like a big girl and I need to prepare her for nursery, I decided I would always wait until she's ready. 

                 Our £2 IKEA potty

This last week she has been enjoying wearing her pants so much that she asked to wear her pants to the shops. So we let her and told her to tell us if she needed the potty/toilet and we went to do our food shopping. We arrived home 2 hours later with no trips to the toilet but also no accidents. When we were home she went straight on her potty. 

Then one evening this week she asked to wear her pants to bed. What a jump in just a week! Being totally unprepared I had to put her in a nappy and promise to buy her some new sheets incase she had an accident and that she could try at the weekend. 

So today's job has been to prepare for the next stage in potty training. With IKEA being our first stop. To prepare my list of things to buy was: 

• waterproof mattress protector or bed mats
• spare sheets for the bed
• cheap spare duvet covers
• a small potty to keep in the car for emergencies.

We bought a potty for £2 from IKEA perfect for when we go out. I haven't yet found any cheap duvet covers so will be spending this evening looking for bargains online. I popped into Tesco and bought two plain pink sheets for £6 each and a pack of Huggies Drynites bed mats as I couldn't find any waterproof mattress protectors.

When we went to IKEA we let her wear her pants again for just the second time and stopped off at the toilet at the beginning and found she is not a fan of big toilets and refused to go. Not a good start. I was worried being in IKEA as once you get so far around you are nowhere near a toilet but we carried on anyway. We of course had spare pants/trousers incase we needed them. We stopped for a drink and snack once we had paid for our shopping then went off to try the toilets again. We popped in the family changing room where they had a potty and she used it straight away! We then treated her to a 'good girl present' from H&M of some nice new Tinkerbell pants and my little pony clips to show her how good she was.

I would definitely say if you are planning how to train your toddler outside of the house, you need to find what makes them feel comfortable. If they prefer a potty to a toilet then go with it. You can pick up a travel potty for a £1 or so at your local pound shop. Then build them up to using a toilet whilst in the comfort of their own home.

Tonight is going to be our first time with the night time training. I'll be sure to update you soon with how we get on and let you know any tips that work for us. 

Good luck to anyone else going through potty training at the moment! If anyone has any tips feel free to leave them in the comments below so people can read through!

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