Britmums Winter Adventures with Barny!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Back in September we got to taste the first Barny cake flavours and show you all our (Adventure). Well now there are two brand new flavours; strawberry and apple and we were sent a box of each to enjoy on our winter adventures.

Our favourite winter adventures are at our local park. We go in all weathers, as long as we are dressed appropriately, it is lots of fun even in the rain. We've been lucky this week and the weather seems to have  brightened up slightly and just in time for our adventure with Barny. On Wednesday we went and bought Zach his first pair of wellies incase we found puddles to jump in and headed to the park armed with our Barny Bear cakes and some bread for the ducks.

First stop was the play area where an impatient Gracie decided it was the perfect place to stop off for a quick snack break. She very much enjoyed a tasty apple flavoured Barny before disappearing down the slide and poor Zach who couldn't try any due to his dairy allergy ran loose around the park testing out his new wellies. Although thankfully he didn't notice he had missed out!

Next stop was to feed the ducks. Both kids love feeding the ducks so it is a must every time we go to the park whatever the weather. I got some lovely photos of Gracie feeding them. 

Once we had finished feeding the ducks we didn't have long until the park closed so we let the kids run wild on one of the many grassy areas. They had lots of fun running around together and Zach loved getting messy! The grass was a bit muddy and slippy still and as he hadn't got used to his wellies yet he spent lots of time falling over in the mud giggling away to himself!

Well that was a fun adventure and we had just enough time for muddy puddles on the way back to the car of course!

It was then time to go home and that meant time for another yummy snack after all that hard work having fun. 

After trying both the flavours. Strawberry is the firm favourite for both me and Gracie, although apple is very yummy too! We love Barny Bear cakes they are such a convenient and enjoyable snack.

*This post is an entry for Britmums 'Winter Little Adventures Challenge' sponsored by Barny, the individually wrapped bear-shaped sponges with a hidden filling. Find out more about Barny here www.barnyworld.co.uk

baby books

Parragon Books: Bunny Loves to Play

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A few months ago we reviewed two of Parragon's gorgeous puppet books. You can read the review here. Well last month they sent us the latest addition to this collection 'Bunny Loves to Play'. 

'Bunny Loves to Play' is a lovely little book which shows your child Bunny's favourite games. He loves to dress up, play hide and seek and play in the park and on each page the Bunny puppet is used to show him doing his favourite activities. This is one of our favourites so far sent to us by Parragon. They never cease to please us with their fantastic titles.

The 'Bunny Loves to Play' finger puppet book is available to buy from Amazon.

We were sent the book featured free of charge as part of the Parragon book buddies review club. All opinions are my own.

changing bag

Review: Pink Lining Mama Et Bebe Changing Bag

Saturday, February 22, 2014

I've always admired Pink Lining for their beautiful unique designs in both their changing bags and accessories for adults and their adorable childrens' lines. I was really excited when given the chance to work with them and was asked to tell them my favourite three bags from their large range. I found it hard to narrow down three but I managed it somehow and was delighted when I opened up the box to unveil my first choice bag wrapped up in a beautiful pink tissue paper and ribbons. The bag I am talking about is the 'mama et bebe' in purple dragonflies. I chose this one as I love the pushchair motif on the pockets and I adore the dragonfly print.

custom cartoon

Review: Gracie as Tinkerbell

Friday, February 21, 2014

Custom Cartoon Bakery are a team of very clever artists who create hand drawn cartoon creations of you and your loved ones. Whether you want to be your favourite Disney princess or superhero or even just fancy seeing a cartoon version of yourself. They can do almost anything! Once your cartoon creation is ready (in 7-10 working days) you have three days in which you can ask for revisions, for example darkening hair, changing eye colour. Then once you are happy you have the choice of three final products to choose from; posters, canvases, framed posters all in A3 size. You will also receive a digital download copy along with your product choice.


Review & Competition: Tartan Scarf from buyakilt.com

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Everywhere you look at the moment whether it be the television, magazines or social media sites, you can't escape seeing pictures of celebrities and models in Tartan which seems to have become a big trend! The best thing about Tartan is it seems to be flattering to everyone. I was asked to review a tartan scarf from buyakilt.com who specialise in all things Tartan. I was given the choice from their HUGE selection of scarves and chose the Rose Hunting Modern Tartan Scarf.

potty training

Potty Training: outdoors and night training

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Gracie has been using a potty for a while now. In fact I wrote a post about potty training a while back. You can read it HERE. Now potty training wasn't as hard as we expected, once we started it just clicked but I have been thinking for a while about training outside of the house and at night time. Although many family members have tried to tell her she needs to wear pants all the time like a big girl and I need to prepare her for nursery, I decided I would always wait until she's ready. 


Review: Persil Washing Up Liquid Warm Spice

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

As a parent of two young children, including one who still has bottles daily, we get through a lot of washing up. After trying many value brands all the ones I tried felt to greasy and I always end up back using the slightly more expensive brands such as Persil as they always leave my dishes clean and shiny