Week Two #project365

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Once again this week I have been posting photos from each day onto Instagram. I have to admit some days I haven't posted them on time but I have still taken a photo each day and managed to get them up even if a day late! 

#Day5: Sunday 5th January 2014. I spent the day mainly painting extra coats of white paint in Zach's bedroom. So far it has been very slow on progress and still lots of painting left to do!

#Day6: Monday 6th January 2014. After a long day of playing whilst Daddy was at work, Zach was very happy to see Daddy and clung onto his legs as soon as he came home!

#Day7: Tuesday 7th January 2014. Zach was having a clingy day where he wanted lots of cute mummy cuddles and I managed to snap this beautiful picture of him while he was giving me lots of big smiles. This is why I love having a camera on my phone.

#Day8: Wednesday 8th January 2014. After deciding to put on the film Wall E that I had recorded over Christmas as a treat before bedtime. Gracie loved it so much this was her reaction to the film ending. Kids can be so funny!

#Day9: Thursday 9th January 2014. When I finished work, Andy and the kids picked me up and we went food shopping, in the space of five minutes Zach took his socks off at least six times and chucked them on the floor. Being a cruel mummy I put the socks on his hands to see his reaction and he was amazed at these socks in his hands like it was an amazing new game for him to attempt to take them off.

#Day10: Friday 10th January 2014. When trying to choose a photo for Day 10 I came across a silly amount of selfies Gracie had taken while my phone was locked. They made me smile so much I decided that days photo would be a screenshot of these photos.

#Day11: Saturday 11th January 2014. We popped out to a few shops today for a browse including Pets at home to visit the bunnies and fishes. Zach was so tired he crashed out as soon as we got in the car. I love his car seat as it certainly matches his personality!

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  1. day 8 is so funny sorry but i love crying baby pictures especially when you hear the story afterwoods she will laugh about this in 10 yrs so come!! x

  2. Hahah I hvae a phone full of selfies :)