Saving Money On Central Heating Bills*

Sunday, January 26, 2014

In this day in age there is an app for almost everything! Some might say it's lazy but hey why not use an app to help save time and make your day easier? Especially when you have a family to look after and a house to maintain. There is so much to remember when you are running around after everyone else I'm probably not the only person who has managed to go out leaving household appliances on or the central heating.

In our new house we don't currently have a central heating system fitted, it's one of the many things on our to do list. I have been doing lots of research though into best ways to save money whilst heating your home before making my decision on what to do. Of course central heating is very important with kids in the house but being on a low income I want to be aware of where I can potentially save money in the long run.

Hive is a product which allows you to monitor, alter and control your heating and hot water using your smartphone. A qualified British Gas engineer will fit the Thermostat, hub and receiver in your home (you are not required to change suppliers) and all you need to do is install the app onto your phone/laptop/tablet and you have full control of your heating and hot water on the go! That means next time you go out and accidentally leave the heating on high you don't have to kick yourself about the costs, you can simply turn it down or completely off. At £199 for the whole package including installation it definitely has potential as a money saving resource. Plus the option to stick on your heating or hot water on your way home from work/school run ready for when you get home sounds very appealing to me.

While I am saving up for a central heating system for our home, I would love to hear some tips on how to save money on heating bills or handy other ways of keeping a house warm so don't forget to leave your comments.

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