Mummy and Gracie time

Friday, January 03, 2014

I love my kids so much but sometimes worry that they don't get enough individual time with me. I think this is probably a common problem in families whose children have such close age gaps. One of my resolutions for this year was to do things to make us happy and for Gracie I've decided some girly time would be perfect. On New Years Eve we put Zach to bed early leaving just me and Gracie to spend some time together. She decided she wanted us to paint our nails together so she picked us a colour each and sat back while I painted her finger and toenails. By the time Daddy got home from work she couldn't wait to show him what we had got up to and even persuaded him to let her paint his!

New Years Day we spent some more time together when we went to see Frozen at the Cinema leaving Daddy and Zach at home. We went and got our tickets (since when did going to watch a film get so expensive?!) and went to choose some ice cream as a special treat before going to sit down. She was so excited walking down the corridor to find our screen with her posh ice cream in hand. She sat and enjoyed the whole film and even cuddled up to me for some of it. It was a genuinely good film, although I do love a good Disney film. Before we knew it was time to go home and she was asking when we were going to have another girly day. She has already decided we have to go see the new Tinkerbell movie next month as she is a huge Tinkerbell fan.

It was really nice for us to spend time together without her and Zach arguing and fighting for my attention. I think it is going to be great for them to have some individual mummy time this year.

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