Gracie's 3rd Birthday: Tinkerbell Party

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

It was Gracie's 3rd Birthday on Sunday and as it is so close to Christmas it is hard to decide what to do for it. Once again we had a family tea party at home for her as it's become a bit of a tradition. We get her a specially made cake and do her favourite party foods. 

This year she wanted a Tinkerbell fairy party for her birthday and as her favourite of the films is 'Tinkerbell and the secret of the wings' and she has a winter birthday I decided to go with that theme. Most of her presents from us were Tinkerbell themed apart from her dolls pushchair and a few other bits. I ordered a special Tinkerbell helium balloon to be delivered and found some plates/napkins/cups and banners. Of course no party would be complete without cake and she had a special Tinkerbell cake made especially for her. The cake looked and tasted amazing, I was so happy with it.

She had a lovely birthday and got lots of lovely presents and best of all got to spend it with all her favourite people. I have to say my favourite of her presents was 'The Wonderful World of Dr Seuss' book collection. We've had lots of fun reading them already. She is already planning her next birthday and deciding what presents she wants! (She obviously doesn't realise how long she's got to wait!) 

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  1. Wow that cake is beautiful, Happy BIrthday Gracie

  2. check out that cake! hope it tasted as nice as it looked! and the birthday girl looked stunning looks like she had a lovely birthday day!! i think tea partys for birthdays are fab! x

  3. Happy Birthday gorgeous girlie! Love that black dress of hers! Rather jealous of her pink pram! ;) X

    1. Thank you! You'll be able to buy girly doll prams soon enough! x