A Day of Jabs

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I don't know if the word 'injections' fills anyone else with dread? It does me. Zach is now almost 16 months and after keep putting off booking his injections I finally made him an appointment whilst booking for my flu jab last week.

Well today was the day. With Zach booked in for 12 and me at 12.15 I haven't looked forward to it at all. Of course Andy had to come along as I've never been able to play the bad guy and hold them still to have injections. I'm likely to cry with them. Poor Zach had to have three different injections, two in one leg and one in the other. He didn't even cry at the first one but then came that heartbreaking sob as soon as the next one went in. I know it's for the greater good but my god do they make you feel awful. Once it was over he practically jumped on me to cling on and hope that I would keep him safe!

Luckily since having kids I'm a pro at being poked and prodded so was brave having my dreaded flu jab and by the time it was done Zach was happily smiling and waving at the nurse again.

Crazy how quick they get over things at that age isn't it? Next we will have Gracie's preschool boosters in a few months. Now that we are not looking forward to as she isn't as forgiving as Zach and certainly won't be very willing to have it. 

Would love any tips for getting through the preschool boosters?!

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  1. They fill me with dread!!
    I had a flu jab the same time as my youngest had her pre school booster....She hardly cried....I cried like a baby I hate needles that much! Not the best example to set....