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Saving Money On Central Heating Bills*

Sunday, January 26, 2014

In this day in age there is an app for almost everything! Some might say it's lazy but hey why not use an app to help save time and make your day easier? Especially when you have a family to look after and a house to maintain. There is so much to remember when you are running around after everyone else I'm probably not the only person who has managed to go out leaving household appliances on or the central heating.

In our new house we don't currently have a central heating system fitted, it's one of the many things on our to do list. I have been doing lots of research though into best ways to save money whilst heating your home before making my decision on what to do. Of course central heating is very important with kids in the house but being on a low income I want to be aware of where I can potentially save money in the long run.

A Day of Jabs

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I don't know if the word 'injections' fills anyone else with dread? It does me. Zach is now almost 16 months and after keep putting off booking his injections I finally made him an appointment whilst booking for my flu jab last week.

Well today was the day. With Zach booked in for 12 and me at 12.15 I haven't looked forward to it at all. Of course Andy had to come along as I've never been able to play the bad guy and hold them still to have injections. I'm likely to cry with them. Poor Zach had to have three different injections, two in one leg and one in the other. He didn't even cry at the first one but then came that heartbreaking sob as soon as the next one went in. I know it's for the greater good but my god do they make you feel awful. Once it was over he practically jumped on me to cling on and hope that I would keep him safe!

Luckily since having kids I'm a pro at being poked and prodded so was brave having my dreaded flu jab and by the time it was done Zach was happily smiling and waving at the nurse again.

Crazy how quick they get over things at that age isn't it? Next we will have Gracie's preschool boosters in a few months. Now that we are not looking forward to as she isn't as forgiving as Zach and certainly won't be very willing to have it. 

Would love any tips for getting through the preschool boosters?!


Week Two #project365

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Once again this week I have been posting photos from each day onto Instagram. I have to admit some days I haven't posted them on time but I have still taken a photo each day and managed to get them up even if a day late! 

#Day5: Sunday 5th January 2014. I spent the day mainly painting extra coats of white paint in Zach's bedroom. So far it has been very slow on progress and still lots of painting left to do!

#Day6: Monday 6th January 2014. After a long day of playing whilst Daddy was at work, Zach was very happy to see Daddy and clung onto his legs as soon as he came home!

#Day7: Tuesday 7th January 2014. Zach was having a clingy day where he wanted lots of cute mummy cuddles and I managed to snap this beautiful picture of him while he was giving me lots of big smiles. This is why I love having a camera on my phone.

#Day8: Wednesday 8th January 2014. After deciding to put on the film Wall E that I had recorded over Christmas as a treat before bedtime. Gracie loved it so much this was her reaction to the film ending. Kids can be so funny!

#Day9: Thursday 9th January 2014. When I finished work, Andy and the kids picked me up and we went food shopping, in the space of five minutes Zach took his socks off at least six times and chucked them on the floor. Being a cruel mummy I put the socks on his hands to see his reaction and he was amazed at these socks in his hands like it was an amazing new game for him to attempt to take them off.

#Day10: Friday 10th January 2014. When trying to choose a photo for Day 10 I came across a silly amount of selfies Gracie had taken while my phone was locked. They made me smile so much I decided that days photo would be a screenshot of these photos.

#Day11: Saturday 11th January 2014. We popped out to a few shops today for a browse including Pets at home to visit the bunnies and fishes. Zach was so tired he crashed out as soon as we got in the car. I love his car seat as it certainly matches his personality!

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Week One #Project365

Saturday, January 04, 2014

After watching lots of fellow bloggers participate in the project 365 challenge last year, I decided to join in this year so I can look back at the end of 2014 at a different photo taken each day of the year. I've decided to set up an Instagram account to post my daily photos, they will also be shared on Twitter and Facebook then every weekend I will post a collage of that weeks photos.

#Day1: New Years Day. Me and Gracie had a girly day at the cinema watching Frozen with some yummy ice cream. We don't get much time together alone so it was a lovely treat and I wrote all about it here if you would like to read about it.

#Day2: Thursday January 2nd 2014. As my brother was leaving this Friday to go back to University and it is his 21st Birthday on the 11th January, we couldn't let him leave without a celebration. So we got the family together and went out for food and drinks. Now he wouldn't appreciate me sharing pictures of him stuffing his face with cake so my picture for that day was of my two favourite boys, this is Daddy and Zach at the family meal.

#Day3: Friday January 3rd 2014. After I finished work Friday dinner time and the weather was miserable I decided to change back into my PJ's and had a movie day with the kids. This is me and Gracie taking a cheeky selfie whilst snuggling on the sofa.

#Day4: Saturday January 4th 2014. Today has been all about playing. We have played with a range of different toys, dressing up and I managed to capture a rare moment of both Gracie and Zach not fighting, not shouting but actually playing nicely together!

Mummy and Gracie time

Friday, January 03, 2014

I love my kids so much but sometimes worry that they don't get enough individual time with me. I think this is probably a common problem in families whose children have such close age gaps. One of my resolutions for this year was to do things to make us happy and for Gracie I've decided some girly time would be perfect. On New Years Eve we put Zach to bed early leaving just me and Gracie to spend some time together. She decided she wanted us to paint our nails together so she picked us a colour each and sat back while I painted her finger and toenails. By the time Daddy got home from work she couldn't wait to show him what we had got up to and even persuaded him to let her paint his!

New Years Day we spent some more time together when we went to see Frozen at the Cinema leaving Daddy and Zach at home. We went and got our tickets (since when did going to watch a film get so expensive?!) and went to choose some ice cream as a special treat before going to sit down. She was so excited walking down the corridor to find our screen with her posh ice cream in hand. She sat and enjoyed the whole film and even cuddled up to me for some of it. It was a genuinely good film, although I do love a good Disney film. Before we knew it was time to go home and she was asking when we were going to have another girly day. She has already decided we have to go see the new Tinkerbell movie next month as she is a huge Tinkerbell fan.

It was really nice for us to spend time together without her and Zach arguing and fighting for my attention. I think it is going to be great for them to have some individual mummy time this year.

Gracie's 3rd Birthday: Tinkerbell Party

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

It was Gracie's 3rd Birthday on Sunday and as it is so close to Christmas it is hard to decide what to do for it. Once again we had a family tea party at home for her as it's become a bit of a tradition. We get her a specially made cake and do her favourite party foods. 

This year she wanted a Tinkerbell fairy party for her birthday and as her favourite of the films is 'Tinkerbell and the secret of the wings' and she has a winter birthday I decided to go with that theme. Most of her presents from us were Tinkerbell themed apart from her dolls pushchair and a few other bits. I ordered a special Tinkerbell helium balloon to be delivered and found some plates/napkins/cups and banners. Of course no party would be complete without cake and she had a special Tinkerbell cake made especially for her. The cake looked and tasted amazing, I was so happy with it.

She had a lovely birthday and got lots of lovely presents and best of all got to spend it with all her favourite people. I have to say my favourite of her presents was 'The Wonderful World of Dr Seuss' book collection. We've had lots of fun reading them already. She is already planning her next birthday and deciding what presents she wants! (She obviously doesn't realise how long she's got to wait!)