Visiting Santa's Grotto and the Coca Cola Christmas Truck!

Friday, December 06, 2013

This week we went on an exciting trip to see Father Christmas. Last year Zach was only a few weeks old and we never got round to visiting him so this year was Zach's first visit to see him and well Gracie was only one the last time she saw him. We headed to our local Co-op as they have a fun Santa's sleigh ride that takes the kids to see him in his grotto.

The kids absolutely loved the ride it was great seeing Gracie open mouthed from the excitement. Of course it is really a decorated room with moving walls and benches to make you feel like you are moving but the kids certainly believed it was real. We then got off the 'sleigh' to see Santa himself in his grotto full of toys. Gracie went strolling over to see him and had a little chat telling him she wanted a bike for christmas. Zach went over shouting at him in excitement and giving him high fives not that he knew what he was there for! They both posed nicely for photo's before choosing themselves a toy each from the grotto. Zach chose a toy car and Gracie chose a plastic tool kit. As soon as we walked out Gracie came out with 'oh no merry christmas didn't give me an iPad!' She really made us laugh. She is now telling anyone that asks what Father Christmas is buying her that she is getting an iPad, it's safe to say she'll be disappointed ;)


We then took a stroll up to see the Coca Cola Christmas Truck that was in our city centre. You can't get more festive than that! We posed for a few pictures by it and finished the day off drinking White Hot Chocolates in Costa Coffee before going home. It was the perfect family day with hopefully some magical memories for the kids!

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  1. Love those pics
    , the kids look so excited and I'm giggling away at Gracie wanting an iPad - so do I but I'll be disappointed too ;)