Preparing the home in the post christmas sales

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas is not yet over but the sales are already starting. This year I am being sensible and deciding what household items I need so I can do some searching as soon as Boxing Day comes. There is so much I want/need for the house at the moment and I am doing every room one at a time. You can't help but prepare early though can you?

Now that I am almost finished both of the kids bedrooms, I have decided my next project will be my bedroom. In all the houses we have lived in, we have never decorated our own bedroom. It is always the one that is left until last and doesn't ever get a second thought. I have decided this time that we deserve a nice bedroom, the way we want it. So no leaving it last as no one else goes in there, no one will see it. No, we will have a room that we will be happy to spend time in and I am determined to make it perfect.

So where do you start? We need a new bed and mattress (should be easy enough to grab those at bargain prices). Then comes the more exciting bits choosing a colour scheme and matching up accessories, bedding and wallpaper. This is always my favourite part! My best tip is to browse different wallpaper samples but always go in store to look before you buy as the colours can be deceiving in pictures. I always check to see if I can find bedding that will go nicely with whatever coloured paper I choose or vice versa. Finding a website with a large range of items is a great way to get inspiration. Argos has a large range of bedding available here.

I have been having a good look through and a few have caught my eye and I'll be watching out over the next few days to see if I can grab any bargains! Let's hope I can find everything on my list.

Do you make plans for the post christmas sales?

*Posted in collaboration with Argos

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