Festive Face-off with Country Baskets

Monday, December 02, 2013

A few weeks ago we were asked to take part in the festive face off blogger challenge with Country Baskets. The challenge was to make our own handmade Christmas decorations. I am not a crafty person but I do love to try! I am trying to become more creative especially with the kids so I was very excited to be involved. For the challenge all the bloggers taking part were sent a large hamper of craft supplies to help us along.

I couldn't quite decide what to make with what I had. I had my heart set on along a wreath but couldn't find the extra supplies I needed in time for the deadline! (I will give this a go before Christmas though). 

The first thing I tried was to get creative with a simple bauble to make something unique and pretty. All I used was a plain bauble, some lace ribbon and some beautiful butterfly clips. I simply wrapped the ribbon around the bauble, made the tiniest hole just big enough to thread over the top and stay in place, clipped on the butterfly's and hey presto! A pretty bauble in less than five minutes.

Of course a five minute bauble wasn't creative enough for a festive face-off so I got my thinking cap on and wanted to make something special we could use year after year and be proud of. I had a pack of 10 wooden hearts in our hamper and so decided to use them to create a bunting style garland for the wall. I found some acrylic paint in festive colours I bought last year for our salt dough decorations and some coloured glitter so we set out painting the wooden hearts. I painted two in red and sprinkled glitter all over them. I then painted two green. I used another four to spell out NOEL, painting the
letters in a festive red and green. I left the hearts plain behind the letters but used gold to paint around the sides. I then used ribbon to tie each individual heart in place to avoid them slipping. 


This is something that can be easily (and cheaply) made as a family activity and would look great hanging on any wall or fireplace. 

I love handmade decorations and am really happy with what we have made. I can't wait to use up all the other materials in our basket! 

We were sent the lovely hamper free I charge from Country Baskets to help us with our challenge.

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  1. These are so lovely, I wish I was on top of my emails as I found this one too late too reply, don't think I could have made something this nice though!