Thorntons Christmas Hero

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I was recently approached by Thorntons to take part in a Secret Santa with a twist. The recipient had no knowledge of being involved! I was asked to choose someone that means alot to me to send some nice Thorntons treats to as a thank you for everything they do. I didn't have to think to hard about who I would send the treats to. I chose someone who is always there for us as a family and has been for as long as I remember. The person I chose is my Grandma.

Before I met Andy I actually lived with my Grandma so we are quite close and even now our new house is just streets away meaning we see her a lot. The kids adore her and she'd do anything for them. She would do anything for anyone so I thought it was time she got a nice treat. I chose for her the Christmas Gift Bundle for Her with an extra box of Thorntons Special Toffee which I know is her favourite! I told her she had a surprise coming but didn't tell her what and she was massively surprised at the huge Thorntons box at her door. She was really happy to get her chocolates and toffees and had some extra big cuddles for the kids the next time we went to see her!

Thank you Thorntons for letting us take part and spoil our Christmas hero!
We got to send these treats free of charge as part of the Thorntons Christma Hero challenge.

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  1. Aww how lovely! Hope your grandma enjoyed her chocolates x