Sibling Rivalry

Monday, November 25, 2013

Gracie is almost Three and Zach is now 14 months. I guess its a good thing that it has taken this long for the rivalry to begin. Of course they adore each other a lot of the time. Gracie even likes to say that Zach is her best friend which is really cute.

My problem is they are suddenly at a point where everything is a fight against each other. As soon as one is playing with something the other wants it. They are snatching and not sharing and it always ends with one of them in tears. I'm trying to teach Gracie to let Zach play with things and to leave him alone when he's playing quietly (a rarity in this house) and teaching her it's ok for him to watch her play and stop pushing him away when he wants to play with her and the other way round. Is it too much to ask for them to play together nicely just sometimes?!

Zach is really testing boundaries at the minute. Seeing what he can get away with and what he can't. He's a typical boy, really cheeky with the biggest smile when he is up to something. My biggest problem with this is the three year old 'superhero'. Yes Gracie thinks she is a superhero. So each time poor little Zach is being told off I have Gracie deciding to take things in to her on hands running up to him and either pushing or even punching him. Ending with Zach in tears followed by Gracie after she's been told off too.

I know this will make for a hilarious story when they are teenagers about their fighting and Gracie thinking she is a young female Iron Man but my god it is driving me crazy!

Someone please tell me it gets better?! Would love some suggestions for activities we could try for the two of them to do together?

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  1. It does get better!!.....My girls are 6 & 11 and get on a bit better now then they did....