Review: Great Gizmos Perfect Christmas Gifts

Thursday, November 28, 2013

I was recently asked to review some lovely goodies from online retailer Great Gizmos. Great Gizmos is a leading provider of  children's fun, creative and innovative toys all at competitive prices. They have carefully selected toys from around the world with products suitable for all ages. Great Gizmos wanted to show off some of the products they sell on their website and so have recruited some of their favourite bloggers to review some of the range that they believe would make fantastic christmas gifts. We received a parcel of Great Gizmos' products to review.

The pack contained:
  • Lil' Pet Pals Bird Bag (RRP £13.95)
  • NICI Grey Penguin (RRP £21.95)
  • Plan Toys Build a Robot (RRP £27.95)
  • 4M Kidz Labs Science Magic (RRP £11.95)

Lil' Pet Pals Bird Bag
This is a cute eye catching lunch bag which is insulated to keep food and drinks hot or cold. On the inside of the bag is a name label to write your childs name in if they are taking it to school. Gracie took a shine to the bag straight away. She loves the bird design and has declared that this is the lunchbag she will be taking to school. In the meantime we have used it for family days out, it can fit a fair amount in. We have been putting sandwiches and snacks for both kids in the bag when we go out. The bag is easy to wipe clean and have had no trouble so far getting crumbs out of corners etc. The Lil' Pet Pals lunch box is a very high quality bag and I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a nice quirky lunch bag for any occasion.

NICI Grey Penguin
We have actually reviewed the NICI range before. You can read our review of the Jolly Logan range here. We are big fans of NICI and their luxurious soft toy range. The Grey Penguin is no exception. He is a super cute cuddly friend from the Ice Guys range. The Penguin has gone down very well with both kids. They love to cuddle him and he's been lucky enough to be one of only a few soft toys that are welcomed into Gracie's bed at night time! As I've said before you are really paying for quality when buying NICI products. They are rather expensive for what they are but I think they make lovely gifts that can be cherished forever.

Plan Toys Build a Robot
This is most definitely my favourite item from the package we received. The kids love building robots using bricks so I knew they would love this. The robot comes with four interchangeable heads, each with a unique expression to teach emotions and develop face recognition. The legs can be moved to either a sitting or standing position and are attached by twisting into the hole like a screw which I've found to be great for Gracie as it really makes her think about what she is doing but isn't too diffcult as she does manage to do it without help.I like how there aren't so many removable pieces as the kids have a tendency to lose everything! They have both had hours of fun with the build a robot and so far haven't lost any pieces. Gracie has even been trying to tell people if the robot is happy or sad when putting the different heads on him. It is great that he is both fun and educational. I would definitely recommend and would personally buy myself. I'll be looking out for similar toys from Plan Toys in the future.

4M Kidz Labs Science Magic
This kit from 4M contains 20 fun science tricks to wow everyone. It's not your average science kit, its almost magic. It shows you how to perform a variety of magic tricks using everyday objects. From magnesium to mathematics to mind reading. You will discover magic is all about science. Although this kit looks fantastic fun, unfortunately Gracie and Zach are too young for science trickery so I couldn't review this item with them. This is good for you lot though as after talking to Great Gizmos we decided that we should give away the Science Magic kit to one of our lucky readers! Hopefully one of you can give it to a child you know as a fun christmas gift.

As you can see Great Gizmos sell a great diverse range of products for children of all ages. I for one love all the products in fact I'm not very happy Andy won't let me buy Zach a NICI Dragon!

You can find out more about Great Gizmos and their large range of products at or you can visit them on any of their social media pages:

We were sent the products featured free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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