Review: gNappies

Saturday, November 16, 2013

We recently received two gNappies with disposable inserts to review. If you don't know anything about gNappies, they have a very unique insight into Eco-friendly nappies. gNappies came up with a disposable insert back in 2005 that can be fully composted (only wet ones). The inserts are biodegradable whereas there is no evidence that your usual disposable nappy will ever biodegrade and is likely to sit in landfills for longer than any of us will live. You can use either these biodegradable disposable inserts or a cloth insert inside one of their beautifully designed pant covers. The pant covers range in price with solid colour covers starting at £14.95 and the limited edition prints which are slightly more. As you can imagine they have been very popular and have created lots of gMums and gDads always eager to see the new releases! In fact many sell out in less than a day!

We received a limited edition gWhat and a Galley Blue solid pant to review along with a pack of disposable inserts. I have to say I am no stranger to gNappies and have used them before BUT have never used them with disposable inserts. I have lost my love of cloth nappies though over the last few months as Zach is a heavy wetter and has not very pleasant soiled nappies which I could never contain! As we have just as many problems with disposable nappies I wasn't sure these inserts were going to be the answer to all our problems. How wrong I was!! I had heard the inserts need changing every 2 hours which I was dreading but I find we change every 3.5 hours and the insert isn't soaked it could definitely last him another hour I just don't like to leave him feeling wet. The other night I took the plunge and used a gNappy with just one insert overnight! I was dreading the next morning knowing that he likes to wait until night time to poo leaving the aroma of  a smelly dirty nappy the next morning and very regularly its also exploded down the leg of his sleepsuit. sorry for too much information but lets face it, it happens and it's not nice. As usual we did wake up to a dirty nappy but it was all contained! the insert got chucked and the pouch which is plastic was easily rinsed in the sink ready to wash. From that moment I was turned! I can't believe I hadn't tried them sooner.


I know looking at the website they can look quite overwhelming and complicated compared to your average disposable but they are so simple. You take your pant, use the poppers to attach the plastic pouch to the pant and insert your disposable insert inside the pouch. You then put it on the same as you would a disposable except the velcro goes on the back rather than the front (this saves them fiddling with the velcro removing nappies which we have had with both little ones at some point). Sometimes if you get a leak you just need to adjust the pouch so it sits properly on their skin with no gapes and if you still have problems the staff at gNappies are more than helpful with giving you guidance. If you go to change the nappy and it is just wet you can just remove the insert give the pouch a quick wipe and insert a new one rather than change the whole nappy. Also my favourite thing about gNappies at the moment is that with using a disposable insert there is no need for an extra wash just for nappies. The pant can go in with your clothes wash and I like to just hand wash the pouches as it only takes a minute.

I have to say of all nappies of both cloth/disposable variety, gNappies are my firm favourite. I love the designs, I love the idea and I love the effectiveness.

You can find out more about gNappies on the website or you can visit them on the gNappies Facebook page or the gNappies Twitter page.

We received the items featured free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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