Potty Training

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Gracie will turn three just after christmas and for the past six months all I have heard off many family members is 'why isn't she potty trained?' 'They won't let her start school in nappies' or 'you need to just force her to use it' some have even gone to the extremes and told Gracie she's not a big girl if she wee's in her nappies and if she wants to go to school she'll have to use the potty. I'm a firm believer that comments like that can make things worse lowering the confidence of a child when they need confidence more than ever. Using a potty or toilet is a huge step for a young child and they will do it when they feel ready to do it. Everytime anyone had mentioned it to me I told them she wasn't ready. Every month or so I would out her on the potty making it seem fun for her to see how she got on with it and although she would use it if she needed to while I was sitting her on it, she didn't recognise the signs of needing to use it and got very upset when she had accidents.

Well this week we tried again and this time I saw a huge difference in her. She all of a sudden took to it she knew she needed to wee and so she did. She then asked for a nappy once finished so I explained to her that she didn't need a nappy if she was using the potty and if she needs another wee to do it on the potty again. I had to keep reassuring her she could play with toys and didn't need to sit on it constantly. I let her phone Daddy while he was at work to tell him she had been using the potty so he could tell her how good she was using it and she was so happy with herself!

It's been four days now and she is now using the potty all day at home (with only one small accident so far) and only wearing nappies to go out anywhere and at night time. I've already noticed when we go out she has started to tell me she needs a wee and has even been apologising when she wee's in her nappy. I think it'll only be a matter of time before she's fully trained in the day time.

We are so proud of her for being so good and choosing to do it by herself. It makes me feel so much better too knowing that I was right leaving her until she was ready rather than listening to what other people said.

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  1. Well done Gacie - and well done to you for standing firm! If you'd done it any sooner you'd have just put yourselves both under unnecessary pressure! Chlo is starting to show signs that she might be ready but I'm hanging back as she has only just started playgroup and we're about to have a new baby so I think it would just be too much change all at once! Fingers crossed your little lady nails it soon :)

  2. Well done Gracie.

    Too right it's far easier for them when they are ready - forcing it just makes it so much harder

  3. well done gracie and good for you for sticking to your guns your their mum and you know when the right time is to potty train! i started finn "late" although i dont think there is such thing as late he has been dry now for 4 weeks and hes 3 and 4 month and i will give him all the time in the world to get dry at night for now hes pretty happy that hes a big boy throughout the day with no nappy on! xx

  4. Well done Gracie - and Mummy!

  5. eee well done! Mamma knows best xx

  6. Thanks for the post. Reading the experiences of other parents is very helpful as we start potty training our child.

    Lori Goodman