Christmas Traditions

Monday, November 25, 2013

I've been thinking this week about Christmas traditions. I've always loved Christmas and all the excitement surrounding it. I want my kids to share that and so am planning on having lots of fun family traditions for them to enjoy each year to make them excited for the Christmas season, not just for what Father Christmas brings but for spending time having fun as a family. 

This year we have just introduced Elf on the shelf. A cute little elf who will appear in our home before the festive period hiding in a new hiding place every morning, bringing us small gifts and activities and watching the children to make sure they are being nice and kind before reporting to Father Christmas every night when the children are sleeping.

This year I am also introducing a book advent. I will say that Elf bought the big pile of books. We will wrap up 25 books. Some old, some new but all exciting! All of the books will be wrapped up and each day of advent we will open one book in the evening to read as a family. From next year we will have no chocolate advents as Zach can't have them so would be unfair for him to see everyone else having them. I thought the book idea would be a lovely alternative and will be remembered more than a piece of chocolate a day.

We will decorate the tree on the 1st December. It is Gracie's birthday on the 29th so the tree comes down on the 28th so putting it up the first day of advent means we still get plenty of time with the tree up.

Ever since I was a child I have loved Christmas movies. Me and my brother have always watched muppets Christmas carol together every year for as long as I remember. Even when we didn't live with our mum we would get together and watch it. Gracie is already a huge fan of the muppets and loves watching muppets Christmas carol too. We've already been watching all the Christmas movies we can find and i'm looking to seeing which will be her favourites.

Christmas pyjamas are a must aren't they? Every year we all get to wear nice new Christmas themed pyjamas on Christmas Eve. I wrap the kids pyjamas up so they can open them before they get ready for bed. 

We don't really have a routine for Christmas Eve. Apart from the building and sorting of presents once the children are sleeping ready for the morning. 

I would love to know what your family traditions are? 

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