Review: Poppy Cat At Sea Life Centre

Friday, October 04, 2013

On Friday, we went to the Sealife Centre in Birmingham it was Zach's first birthday so we decided to make a day of it. Gracie was very excited to see the fishes and was even more excited to see Poppy Cat who has been at the Birmingham Sealife Centre for the past few weeka. Although we haven't seen Poppy Cat on tv the kids have a few Poppy Cat books that get read at bedtime.

As soon as we got there we got our tickets and went straight in to see all they had to offer. Gracie was armed with her new camera hoping to get lots of under the sea pictures. We made our way round looking in all the tanks at all the different amazing creatures. I love how many of the tanks are the perfect height for children to see so even zach got to stand and watch in amazement at some of the fishes swimming around. 

While we were walking around we came across a tv showing an episode of Poppy Cat making Gracie all excited so she stood in front of it for a picture when the real Poppy Cat sneaked up behind us! Gracie ran straight up for a cuddle and a chat with Poppy Cat before she went over to say hi to Zach, who was less than impressed she made him jump and he looked terrified of the giant Poppy Cat.

The Sealife centre also contains a 4D cinema where we got to watch a great undersea adventure with Spongebob Squarepants. The movie was really fun and had Gracie and Zach in fits of giggles especially when a splash scene actually had water sprayed at us all.

We all loved walking in the tunnel which has sharks, a giant turtle and all sorts of different fishes and sea creatures. It's amazing watching them swim over and around you, getting to see them so close up. Gracie thought one of the funniest moments of the day was going through the mirror maze and losing Daddy and Zach inside. We made it out and could just see their reflections when they were trying to find their way back to us.

Poppy Cat had a story time every few hours at the Sea life centre whilst there and we were gutted to miss it as we didn't know where it was held. There were signs listing the times but not where to go for it and the time we could have made was when I couldn't find it so I think that could have been labelled properly, I'm not sure if other events have the same problem.

Overall, it was a great day although you can only spend around 1.5 - 2 hours there before you've seen it all. As it is so close to the centre of Birmingham though we followed it by visiting the kids favourite shops in the Bull Ring shopping centre and having a nice lunch out. I would definitely recommend to families with kids of all ages as not only is it fun but it is educational for both children and adults.

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We were given free entry to the Sealife Centre for the day for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions are my own.

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  1. aww bless poor zach i remeber finn at his age being scared of big things like that too! glad grace enjoyed it! sounds like a fab day out x

    1. Gracie was too but Zach is usually fearless so we found it hilarious. Was a lovely day out :)

  2. sounds like a nice day out for the kids, great photos x

  3. My children love the Sealife centre - looks like you had a really fun day out!

    1. We hadn't been since Gracie was tiny. Think we'll go more often now it was great fun.

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