Our Haven Holiday

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The second week of September you may have noticed I was pretty quiet, well we were away on our family holiday. We'd been rushing around so much packing for our move and packing for our holiday that I didn't even have time to tell you all we were going!

We have been going to Haven every year for the past four or so years and love the friendly atmosphere and entertainment. We didn't think we would go at all this year looking at our finances so I looked into the Daily Mail equivalent to the sun £9.50 holidays (I'm awful and cant remember the name of the Daily Mail holiday scheme) after collecting the codes I looked to see what they had to offer and was delighted to see so many Haven sites. This year we decided to go to Burnham-on-Sea Haven camp and couldn't wait to go.

We had a nice drive out with both kids sleeping the whole car journey so it couldn't have started any better! We got there around lunchtime and were lucky enough to find our caravan was ready early so could go and unload the car straight away. The caravan was lovely! In fact probably the nicest I have ever stayed in. It was nice and clean, the beds were all made and there was more than enough room for the four of us. Gracie picked the bedroom closest to mummy and daddies to sleep in and put her two favourite soft toys in one of the beds to claim it. One of the first things we did was went back out to find a local shop for some supplies and found an Asda just down the road which was very handy. we grabbed some bits for the kids and for that nights dinner and spent the first night visiting the arcades before having an early night.

Our Caravan (pictured above and below)

Throughout the week we tried to make the most of what the park had to offer. We played in the park which was great with things for children of all ages. We spotted some chickens near the tennis courts so regularly went to pay them a visit and say hello. We took Zach swimming for the first time which was amazing, we bought him some armbands which he wasnt impressed with me putting on, cue the funniest photo I have of the kids together yet! Then once we were in the water he forgot about them and was swimming from me to Andy and vice versa we couldn't believe it! The water was pretty cold though so we only went swimming the once. We had a lovely lunch at the on site Mash & Barrel restaurant. We spent lots of time (and money) in the arcades every day as Gracie had bought lots of pennies with her to spend. Most evenings we went to the entertainment for Gracie to have a dance and even Zach joined in on the action. To be honest the entertainment was one of the few things that disappointed me this holiday. The few nights we attended everything seemed thrown together like they had nothing planned which was a shame luckily the ones with music meant Gracie could dance and play with other children and she didn't notice how awful they were! She did really enjoy the characters and got to meet Bradley Bear and Anxious Elephant who she adored.

Excited for swimming ;)

Zach Dancing

Cuddles with Bradley Bear

Posing with Bradley Bear

We weren't very lucky with the weather while we were there and as there wasn't much nearby outside of the park we travelled a bit further for a few days out while we were there. We travelled to nearby Clarks shopping village one day for a spot of discount shopping. It was great there with a big choice of shops but my god did it rain we spent a few hours there before going back to camp tired and soaked. We did pick up a few grear bargains though! We also visited Weston Super Mare on one of the days too which was a fantastic day. A few of our closest friends travelled up to visit us for the day and all of us spent the day there. When we turned up the rain was pouring so we went in the Grand Pier then when we were about to leave to find something else to do the sun was shining gloriously and we actually managed to spend some time on the beach building sandcastles!

Weston Super Mare: On the Pier (above)
Building sandcastles with Uncle Eoin (below)

On our last day, we packed everything up and loaded up the car before handing back our keys. We were sad it was over already. Zach was fast asleep so Daddy and Zach sat in the car while me and Gracie went for a nice last walk around looking at the lakes and all the people fishing. Gracie was taking lots of pictures of the lakes and whilst walking back she captured this lovely picture of a caravan.

Picture of the lake taken by Gracie (above)

Picture of a caravan by Gracie (above)

Burnham-on-Sea is a lovely site and I bet all the outdoor activities are excellent in the summer. The staff were friendly, the accommodation was fantastic. It is just a shame the local area didn't have much, the sea front was bare which may be what some people like but we like to have places to visit and things to do in walking distance. The entertainment wasn't great but it was out of season so I guess a lot of productions are not available hopefully that is something they will be looking to improve. I would still say my favourite ever Haven camp is the Perren Sands site.

Overall we had a brilliant holiday and are already deciding where to go next time! Do we try somewhere new? Do we return to a previous favourite?

Where is your favourite UK holiday location?

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  1. Ooh, we went here earlier in the year! Your caravan does look nice. Glad you all had a fab time x

  2. Looks like you had a fab time, great pictures x

  3. Looks like you had a great break. We love Haven, there is so much for the little ones!

  4. we use to have our caravan at a haven campside on the isle of wight it was brilliant!! looks like you had a fab time the swimming pic is great!! and lovely pictures that gracie taken! x

  5. I've never been to Haven.
    Not actually even considered it. Maybe I'll take a look. We will be returning to Butlins next year