Kid's capture the colour: Gracie's photos

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

We have had an exciting few weeks showing Gracie the wonders of seeing the world through pictures thanks to the kids capture the colour competition. As we were one of the first 100 blogs to apply we received a camera especially for Gracie to take part in the competition. She has had lots of fun taking pictures and seeing them on screen afterwards. I think it has also shown us how things look through a childs eyes seeing photos from a two year olds point of view. Being two, Gracie didn't understand much about capturing the colours but we made sure we pointed out the colours of the things she took photos of. I have to say I have downloaded a total of 315 photos onto my laptop from her camera and the majority are just of everyday life, her baby brother, the tv, the floor, various other family members but we have a fair few photos from our holiday and our trips to the park and woods which I think are fantastic for a two year old! She has had no help at all taking the photos and I couldn't be prouder of her and how keen she is to take photos everywhere we go now. Anyway here are her entries for the competition:

Some of you may recognise this character if you've been on a Haven family holiday. It is Bradley Bear. Gracie loved Bradley Bear on our recent break to Haven Burnham-on-Sea and excitedly ran up and took lots of photos of him. (I did have to explain she shouldn't take pictures of him with the other children not that she understood so I had lots of random children's photos to delete afterwards). we chose this for blue as he always wears blue clothes! I was quite shocked it wasn't more blurred as she hadn't quite got the hang of the camera until then.

I love this one, not because it is the perfect photo but because it was taken on a recent trip into the woods where Gracie was amazed looking at all the tall trees and to me they didnt seem so big, it is only a small woods but we spent ages exploring and photo taking and she loved taking pictures of the sky through the trees. This photo makes me realise how big and magical the woods seem to such a little person.
This is a bit blurry but it is Gracie's favourite picture. Here she has lined up her small army of cuddly minions (You can't get more yellow than a minion!) on her bed and inflicted upon them her new found hobby. She told the minions they have to stay still for a picture or they don't get any sweeties after they have 'ate it all their dinner' Apparantly the naughty minions didn't stay still (couldn't have been Gracie's shaky hands) so Gracie had to eat all her sweets herself ;)

This picture amazes me. I find it hard to believe that Gracie even took it. I might just be biased with her being my little girl but I really think this is a great picture. She just happened to take it when we had been for a walk to the lakes and were coming back just emerging out of some bushes and I think she just captured the scene perfectly. It is definitely my favourite one out of them all and the caravan happening to be white meant it had to be the choice for the white category. 

This picture was taken at the sealife centre in Birmingham where she was amazed looking at all the amazing sea creatures. She took lots of pictures that day, one of the things we liked the most were these funny looking sea plants (not sure of the name) they looked like they were dancing and Gracie was dancing around copying them. The picture quality isn't great as we couldn't use flash in there but the plant was a beautiful reddy colour.
We have loved taking part in this fantastic competition and will continue to encourage Gracie to take pictures as it is a great skill to learn. I think she has done an amazing job with her photos at just two years old and whether she wins anything or not doesn't matter to us because seeing her enjoy something so much has been good enough for me :)
You can read more about the competition and terms and conditions here.
*This is our entry to the Kid's capture the colour competition. All the photos were taken by Gracie herself.


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  1. Aww Well done Gracie! I love the caravan one!

    1. Thank you! Thats my fave. I'm a very proud Mummy :)

  2. Morning!

    Loving Gracie's picture - especially Bradley Bear and the caravan one - is that one of our parks?? :)

    Keep blogging,

    Anna and the Haven social team

    1. Good Morning :)

      Yes both photos were taken at Burnham-on-Sea just a few weeks ago. I'm part way through writing about our holiday actually. Should have more good photos in that post too!

      Thanks for reading and glad you like the photos!