Happy First Birthday Zach!

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

On Friday my beautiful baby boy turned one! Me and Andy spent the previous night emptying boxes and clearing the downstairs rooms (the joys of moving house just days before your childs birthday) I wrapped up all of his presents, blew up balloons and put up banners. By the time we went to bed at 2.30 am the house was prepared for his birthday celebrations.

Of course being one he barely noticed what was going on but loved being cntre of attention from the moment he woke up. His over excited big sister 'helped' him to open his presents and they played nicely while I got everything ready for a day out to the Sealife Centre.

My lovely friend Jess made him a beautiful dairy/egg/gluten free chocolate birthday cake! This was very exciting as Zach had never had cake before and he loved it! She also made some tasty lemon flavour cupcakes to go with the cake for those who were too scared to try the dairy/egg/gluten free alternative! The cakes went down really well with the few visitors we had on Saturday. Unfortunately with the move so close we didnt have time to organise a proper party for him but he had great fun having lots of visitors over the weekend bringing gifts.

Now his birthday is over and he is officially not a baby anymore but a walking, almost talking one year old. It makes me sad that he is growing so quick but I am so proud of him.


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  1. It seems like only yesterday he was born. Happy bitlrthday Zach im sure you had a great day

  2. Happy birthday gorgeous boy!

  3. Aww seems like he had a fab day! Happy Birthday Zach x

  4. happy belated birthday mister! looks like he def enjoyed that jummy cake!!! xx